Getting Started/Storefront Setup (19)

Anything related to getting started setting up your storefront or hub can be found here

ACL (2)

Add Users to Your Admin Based on Their Position w/ Your Company

CMS (Content Management System) (6)

This is where you will make content and graphical changes to your storefront.

Contact Reports (3)

Run specific filtered reports on all your contacts

Contacts/CRM (1)

Full contact management.

Manage Cats/Products (2)

This is where you will manage the cart items and options displayed on your storefront

Orders/Jobs (31)

Anything relating to orders/jobs can be found here

Pricing (9)

Anything pricing related can be found here

Sales Reports (3)

Customized financial summaries

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 4) Store Setup - Access

You will first login into your Admin Panel which can be accessed by going...

 1) Understanding Pricing

There are some key factors that you will need to understand about product pricing. 1. You are...

 6) Store Setup - LOGO (Branding Images)

To upload your logo click the button, Manage Branding Images, next to where you enter/select...

 2) Understanding Pricing Cont.

Here are some examples of how commissions and pricing is calculated. We are going to look at an...

 3) Default Pricing Tier

Under General Settings on your storefront you have a Default Pricing Tier. This allows you to set...