1) Understanding Pricing

There are some key factors that you will need to understand about product pricing.

1. You are given a wholesale price on all products and options. There are already mark-ups built in for you to make a profit on all products and most options, however, you do have the ability to change these as you see fit. Before making any price changes we strongly recommend you go through this entire guide in detail.

2. All pricing is built from the Quantity option which acts as the base. Different selections made such as color, turnaround and finishing will either increase or decrease the cost. Some products such as Door Hangers, Pocket Folders and Greeting Cards will have finishing included by default. Also, most products will have discounts applied when landing on the page as the lowest price will be served automatically.

3. Products are built as follows: The Category, which is the grouping of products such as Business Cards and Brochures, the Sizes, the Options such as quantity and coating, and Values which are Finishing Options.

4. There are a total of eight pricing tiers giving you the option to give customers special pricing.

     A. Corporate : This is the highest price point
     B. Retail: This is the next price point down and is set on your site by default unless otherwise specified.
     C. Tiers 1-6: These tiers scale down lower than retail. Tier 6 is just above your Wholesale Cost and Tier 1 is just below your Retail Cost.

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